Vivienne Westwood Clothes


vivienne westwood clothingWorld's End in Chelsea. This is where Vivienne Westwood's tailoring career started from (Photograph by Sarah Mulligan)

What hasn’t she been called! The grandmother of punk, English queen of fashion or chief rebellion of fashion world – are all about Vivienne Westwood, one of the most bright stars in the sky of vogue, and simply a talented woman, who acquired such head-spinning success in the designer circles with out any generally accepted education.
Once Vivienne Westwood started the ball rolling, women dressed in corsets as outwear. She also made known mini-crinis, bondage trousers and those notorious 12-inch platform shoes, over which Naomi Campbell tripped at catwalk.
Although Vivienne draws her inspiration in the past, often bringing back to life the forgotten elements of historical dresses, you hardly can blame her in being conformed. Whatever she’s been doing – making clobbers for “Sex Pistols” or creating garb for “Sex and the City” – it’s never dull, but always innovative, yet very bold.

Carrie Bradshow wearing Vivenne Westwood wedding dress. From "Sex Pistols" to "Sex and the City"

Where to buy Vivienne Westwood clothes in London:

• Vivienne Westwood Flagship Store, 44, Conduit Street, Mayfair (Tube: Oxford Circus)
• World’s End, 430 Kings Road, Chelsea (Tube: Fulham Broadway)
• 6, David Street (Tube: Bond Street)
• at Harrods, 87/135 Brompton Road (Tube: Knightsbridge)
• at Harvey Nichols, 109-125Knightsbridge (Tube: Knightsbridge)
• at Liberty, Great Marlborough Street (Tube: Oxford Circus)